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The New Automotive Supply Chain

Traditional U.S. Automotive Stampers

  • Make Parts to Print.
  • Attempt to conform to material requirements and part print requirements with little knowledge of materials and processing.
  • Do not have the capability to engage in Value Analysis/Value Engineering.
  • Adversarial Relationships are often the norm.
  • Typically have a fixed capability to do certain things and rarely go beyond existing skill sets.
  • Few stampers have tooling design capability.
Traditional Model


Automotive Supplier Market Leaders

  • Accept responsibility and seek involvement in the creation, function, and cost of product.
  • Have significant knowledge of materials and underlying manufacturing processes.
  • Assume the role of VA/VE engineer and contribute to the generation of value and function.
  • Relationships are based on shared goals and continuous improvement of products and processes.
  • Seek to add value and move common goals of Customer-Supplier beyond existing skill sets and product offerings.
New Model