Bailey Tool & Manufacturing Recommends New Design for Seat Recliner Bracket

Bailey Tool & Manufacturing is proactive in looking to make VA/VE contributions to our Tier 1 customers. An example of this kind of VA/VE activity is the work we did on recommending a new design for a seat recliner bracket that goes into a luxury vehicle...(see full text)


Bailey Tool & Manufacturing Designs Support of Engine Motor Mount for Epsilon II Platform

Baily Tool redesigned the mount with three stampings eliminating the drawn-over-mandrel tubes and minimizing weld complexity...(see full text)


Tooling Design and Build Case Study

The baseline part design attaches to the back of the seat with three welded studs... (see full text)


Bailey Tool Investigating Use of Advanced High Strength Steels in Structural Component Applications

Automotive designers face a three-fold problem. Government regulations require that cars be safer; this increases the car weight. They also require improved fleet mileage. Most improvements for engine efficiency and aerodynamics are already being used, so the main area left is weight reduction. This leads to the third problem, that most of the public doesn't want to buy Rabbits...(see full text)


Advanced Product Design of Structural Components through Deformation Control

Automotive designers typically do not take advantage of the work hardening of the material during the forming process in subsequent structural analysis. As a result there are many interior structural components that are over-designed, resulting in increasing vehicle weight and/or cost of the component...(see full text)